Sun Yang Eligible For 2024 Paris Olympics: WADA V Sun Yang & FINA – 2nd CAS Award

Chui Ling Goh / 2021

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The Social License to Operate in Esports: The Glorification of Violence, Discrimination, and Gaming Addiction in Esports

Chui Ling Goh / 2021

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Wichtige Sportrechtsfaelle 2020

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Political protest in football – is it time for a (legal) debate? Analysing FIFA’s regulations and recent actions in the Bundesliga

Maximilian Wegge, David Menz / June 2020

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Implementing the Organizational Structures of Competitive Sports in eSports

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To what extent does the Paralympic Games promote the integration of disabled persons into society?

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

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Promoting safe sports in Singapore: education, due diligence and disciplinary processes

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

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The opportunities & challenges facing an emerging sports law jurisdiction

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

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New York Convention

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Investigation and Legal Report on Players’ Health and Safety

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Die Autonomie der Sportverbände: Mehr Rechtssicherheit durch zweckorientierte Inhaltskontrolle

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Die Rolle des Ein-Platz-Prinzips in der Autonomie der Sportfachverbände. Eine Untersuchung der exklusiven Organisationsstrukturen im Sport

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Standing to Appeal of Third Parties in Front of CAS

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Supporter Excesses and Away Tickets – Contractual Constellations and Implications

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