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Is eSport actually a sport? Regardless, you will find highly qualified advice on everything to do with eSports, from us.

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While there is still a debate about whether eSport should be recognised as a “sport”, the eSport industry has developed at a rapid pace: Even without the official status of “sport”, organisational structures have been formed, professional eSports athletes and other stakeholders reach an audience of millions and prize money is awarded in the millions.

With our experience in advising one of the largest publishers and game developers, we are one of the few law firms in Germany to offer expertise in the eSports industry. Combining this with our many years of experience and a strong network in the classic sports world, we offer the perfect blend of know-how for those involved in eSports looking for advice. This should not be underestimated because, despite some significant differences from a legal point of view, there are also numerous overlaps between the two areas and, in our opinion, the links and overlaps between the two “worlds” will increase.

We have been observing the exciting developments around the eSports industry very carefully since the beginning and we continue to contribute to the development of this still very new area of law through specialist publications.

Regardless of what role you play in the eSports industry – we are happy to support you in providing legal solutions for you to attain your goals!

Notable cases
  • Advising one of the biggest publishers/game developers on antitrust and employment law matters in the context of the founding of a new league
  • Advising an international sports federation on the staging of eSports competitions