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Sports events

Regardless of whether it is a major international event or a local city run – organising a sporting event is a major challenge for organisers. With us, you can fully concentrate on making the event a success while we take care of the numerous legal details.

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In addition to a plethora of organisational tasks, there are also numerous legal aspects to be considered when organising a sporting event. In many cases, this begins with the application to host the competition. The application not only has to be convincing in terms of content, but also has to be legally watertight. Successful application is only the first step in a long and complex legal process to reach the stage of execution of the event. In particular, it is important to observe public law requirements and obtain approvals, draft numerous complex contracts, ensure compliance during the implementation of the event and finally prevent violations of the law by contractual partners or third parties or demand compensation for any damage caused thereby.

We have been providing legal advice to stakeholders involved in major sporting events e for many years and have, in particular, extensive experience in drafting the necessary contracts, such as hosting, TV, sponsorship, or service contracts. With us, you have a strong and reliable partner by your side and you can concentrate on the many non-legal challenges that a successful sporting event brings with it.

Notable cases
  • Advising the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) on numerous contracts related to large sports events, e.g. with athletes, hosts, TV broadcasters, streaming platforms, ticketing platforms, stadium owners, sponsors, agencies, event ambassadors, service providers or hotels
  • Advising the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) on numerous contracts related to large sports events in volleyball and beach volleyball, in particular with respect to hosting, marketing, equipment and services
  • Advising a large international sports federation on tenders and contractual agreements for multiple large sports events, including a World Championship
  • Advising the General Assembly of International Sports Federations (GAISF) on the hosting agreement for the World Combat Games 2019
  • Advising the Drone Racing League (DRL) on semi-final of the “DRL Allianz World Championship” 2018 in Munich, inter alia regarding hosting, ticketing, data protection as well as negotiations with public authorities