• Where there is no solution, we will develop one

Martens Rechtsanwälte stands for innovative solutions in the field of dispute resolution. A core area of our activity is the creation and management of new systems for resolving disputes, thus creating viable alternatives to state courts and to established institutional arbitration bodies for the parties to a contract.

Tailor-made Systems

Existing means of settling conflicts are often not the best solution for many economic and social sectors because they fail to take sufficient account of their particular circumstances. They are often too expensive and too time-consuming to be a viable option for dispute resolution. AAs recognised experts we develop tailor-made systems for resolving disputes and takes care of their ongoing administration if requested. This method not only enables disputes to be resolved extremely efficiently and cost-effectively, but also gives rise to the widest possible acceptance of the decision.


Particular highlights are the two courts of arbitration that we brought to life. In 2007, we developed the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT), which has become a great success story and which currently sees ca. 180 new requests for arbitration each year. Building on the BAT’s recipe for success, in 2015 we created the Court of Innovative Arbitration (COIA), which offers a quick and efficient dispute resolution also in other business sectors. You will find further information on these two courts of arbitration when you click on the two links below.