Dispute Resolution


Arbitration has always been one of Martens Rechtsanwälte's core competencies. With us, you will find highly specialised counsel and arbitrators with whom you can take full advantage of the special features of arbitration proceedings. We are also happy to represent your interests in arbitration-related proceedings before state courts.

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Our lawyers have many years of experience in domestic and international arbitration. Our expertise extends to commercial, investment, and sports arbitration proceedings. We represent your interests as counsel not only in arbitration proceedings, but also in accompanying proceedings before state courts – in particular with regard to the annulment or enforcement of arbitral awards and challenging the appointment of arbitrators. In addition, our lawyers are happy to accept nominations as arbitrators.

Our work as a counsel

As a counsel, we pursue your interests passionately, while placing the highest demands on the quality of our work.

Starting with an analysis of the causes of the conflict, we work with you to define a comprehensive procedural strategy that takes into account your personal and economic interests and also the possible perspective of the other side and that of the court. Our thoughts and actions are shaped by creativity and pragmatism. Our focus is always on finding a genuinely sustainable solution for you.

Your proceedings will be conducted throughout by an experienced lawyer who will handle the mandate himself and who can be contacted personally by you. If the needs of your case require a team of several lawyers, we attach great importance to lean structures and the avoidance of unnecessary inefficiencies.

Our work as arbitrators

At Martens Rechtsanwälte you will find independent and steadfast arbitrators who know how to bring a legal dispute to an efficient and legally secure end, while always keeping an eye on the possibility of an amicable solution based on the desire of the parties.

As arbitrators, we attach particular importance to our personal independence and integrity. We fully understand the great responsibility that is associated with accepting to serve as an arbitrator. We are also firmly convinced that both parties to the legal dispute are better served if arbitrators do not see themselves as “advocates” for the party who nominates them.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to conducting our arbitration proceedings as efficiently as possible. We strongly believe that it is essential that an arbitral tribunal does not conduct its proceedings as if it were a state court. Arbitral tribunals enjoy considerably greater freedom in structuring proceedings than state courts. Due to our extensive experience in the field of domestic and international arbitration, we are very familiar with a wide variety of arbitration strategies and procedural instruments. That is why we are in a position to fully utilize the flexibility that is available in terms of procedural design and thus make the most out of the main advantages of arbitration.

Notable cases

  • Presiding arbitrator (Dr Heiner Kahlert) in an ad-hoc arbitration on commercial agent claims in the insurance sector
  • Presiding arbitrator (Dr Heiner Kahlert) in a DIS arbitration regarding a corporate law dispute involving rights to an airplane
  • Member of the counsel team for the Federal Republic of Germany in an ad-hoc arbitration regarding tolls on German highways
  • Representing a German company in a corporate law DIS arbitration in the automobile industry
  • Representing an English metal trader in a ICC arbitration regarding warranty claims under the CISG
  • Representing a German service provider in a ICC arbitration related to compensation claims
  • Representing a multinational in a post-M&A CAS arbitration
  • Representing a party to a construction arbitration before the Court of Appeals of Munich in relation to the challenge of the presiding arbitrator
  • Representing a party in setting-aside proceedings before the Court of Appeals of Frankfurt with respect to an arbitral award in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Representing a party to an association law arbitration before the Bavarian Supreme Court in order to declare the arbitration impermissible