News archive 2022

Dr Heiner Kahlert and Maximilian Wegge published report on online platform “Lexology”

Dr Heiner Kahlert and Maximilian Wegge  have contributed to the chapter on dispute resolution in Germany on the online platform "Lexology" The report will be part of the tool "Getting The Deal Through", which shall provide in-house lawyers with answers to the most important legal and regulatory questions that may arise in business transactions and legal disputes in Germany. The report focuses on the topics of court proceedings, arbitration proceedings as well as alternative dispute resolution.

We are pleased to be in charge of submitting further contributions to the chapter on dispute resolution for at least two more years.

For the report, which is published once a year, please click here.

(Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Lexology GTDT – Dispute Resolution 2022. For further information, please click here.)

David Menz and Dr Tinusch Jalilvand achieved the termination of the criminal investigation against modern pentathlete Annika Schleu

The public prosecutor’s office of Potsdam has decided to end the criminal investigations against our client Ms Annika Schleu for alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act during the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August 2021 pursuant to section 153a of the German Code of Criminal Procedure today. Ms Schleu will pay a small amount to a non-profit organisation, after which the criminal investigation will finally be over. After the end of the proceedings, Ms Schleu can now fully dedicate herself to her sport again, which has always included the loving care with horses.

New BAT Arbitration Rules

On 1 January 2022, the new version of the BAT Arbitration Rules came into effect. The new rules include an adjustment of the amount to be paid as handling fee for a BAT arbitration and provide an additional purpose for the use of monies from the "BAT Fund". The new version of the BAT Arbitration Rules and an explanation of the most relevant amendments are available here.
The BAT is a true arbitral tribunal for the resolution of financial disputes in the world of basketball. The BAT was established in 2007 by the founder of our law firm, Dr. Dirk-Reiner Martens, in cooperation with the international basketball federation (FIBA) and has been administered by Martens Rechtsanwälte ever since. Measured by annual case numbers, the BAT is one of the largest sports arbitration courts in the world.