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Dr Heiner Kahlert publishes Article on the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT)

Dr Heiner Kahlert and Benjamin Schindler of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) have published an article in the French professional journal jurisport (La Revue Juridique et Economique du Sport). The article first provides an overview of the functioning of the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT). It further describes the mechanism by which FIBA helps the prevailing party before the BAT to ensure compliance with the BAT's decision. The French article can be downloaded here.

Welcome back, Dr Paul Fischer!

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Paul Fischer as our new and at the same time old colleague at Martens Rechtsanwaelte. Paul joins us as a Salary Partner, returning to his old workplace after just over three years.
Paul is a great asset to our team and our clients, being a great colleague with particular expertise in association law, advising national and international sports federations, data protection law as well as litigation and arbitration in sports. We look forward to working together with joy, confidence and a lot of energy! #Martens #Sports law #Sportslaw #Association law #Litigation #Arbitration

Dr Tinusch Jalilvand and David Menz publish article about the “IOC Strategic Framework on Human Rights” in SpoPrax

Dr Tinusch Jalilvand and David Menz published an article about the “IOC Strategic Framework on Human Rights” in SpoPrax 2/2023. In their article the authors deal with the consequences of IOC’s and FIFA’s commitment to Human Rights for other sports federations. In essence the authors recommend to all sports federations to develop concepts for the protection of Human Rights which are not only consisting of empty phrases but are based on actual risks of Human Rights violations caused by or contributed to by sports federations

David Menz and Dr Tinusch Jalilvand joined the “Sportainable” think tank

David Menz and Dr Tinusch Jalilvand have recently become members of the think tank "Sportainable", which is affiliated with the University of Bayreuth. The think tank, based on interdisciplinary research and consulting, is dedicated to the sustainable transformation of sport.
David Menz and Dr Tinusch Jalilvand are responsible for the area of "law" in the think tank. This provides the opportunity to bring current developments in legislation and jurisprudence to the think tank and at the same time to use the enormous potential of voluntary commitments in sport to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of sport. We are very much looking forward to all the projects that have been started and those that are coming up, on interdisciplinary research and consultation in these times that are as exciting as they are important. For more information on the think tank "Sportainable", please click here.

Martens Rechtsanwälte selected as “Top Law Firm for Sports Law” by Wirtschaftswoche

The main German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche (WiWO) has included Martens Rechtsanwälte in its newly created list of "WiWo Top Law Firms – The Most Renowned Law Firms and Lawyers for Sports Law". Moreover, Dr Heiner Kahlert and David Menz are listed as a highly recommended sports lawyers. The listings are based on a survey conducted by an independent expert jury of the Handelsblatt Research Institute among 500 sports lawyers from 333 law firms. In the end, 24 law firms and 34 lawyers prevailed. For the list as published on in German, please click here.

Maximilian Wegge publishes the article on LawInSport

Maximilian Wegge publishes the article "How Cryptocurrencies, Fan Tokens And NFTs Are Regulated In Germany" on LawInSport. The crypto industry is increasingly gaining a foothold in sport. Against this background, Maximilian Wegge shows in his article the legal framework in which cryptocurrencies, fan tokens and NFTs operate and weighs up the opportunities and risks for decision-makers in sport.  

Dr Heiner Kahlert publishes article on constitutional law issues in arbitration

In the current issue 1/2023 of the German Arbitration Journal (SchiedsVZ), Dr Heiner Kahlert has published an article on the constitutional framework of arbitration. This topic has gained increased attention in recent years, particularly due to the public debate on investment arbitration tribunals as well as on sports arbitration. In his article, Dr Heiner Kahlert explains to what extent German constitutional law protects arbitration, but also sets limits to it.