Publications Ling Goh

The evolution of a human rights-based approach to participation and gender eligibility in women’s sports

Ling Goh, Juliane Schneider / May 2024

in: LawInSport, Blogpost 31 May 2024 (Authors: Ling Goh, Juliane Schneider)

Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter and Freedom of Expression

Ling Goh / 2022

in The Regulatory Review, 22 March 2022

The Credibility of the Court of Arbitration for Sport

Chui Ling Goh, Jack Anderson / 2022

in 13(2) Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law 233, 2022 (authors: Chui Ling Goh and Jack Anderson)

A Comparative Case Study of Match-Fixing Laws in Singapore, Australia, Germany, And Switzerland

Björn Hessert, Chui Ling Goh / 2022

in 17 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 286, 2022 (authors: Björn Hessert and Chui Ling Goh)

Gender Fluidity in Sports

Chui Ling Goh, Björn Hessert / 2021

in 2International Sports Law Review 20, 2021 (authors: Chui Ling Goh and Björn Hessert)

The Challenges of Regulating Doping and Non-Doping Performance Enhancing Strategies

Chui Ling Goh / 2021

in International Sports Law Journal 47, 2021

Sun Yang Eligible For 2024 Paris Olympics: WADA V Sun Yang & FINA – 2nd CAS Award

Chui Ling Goh / 2021

in LawInSport, 22 July 2021

The Social License to Operate in Esports: The Glorification of Violence, Discrimination, and Gaming Addiction in Esports

Chui Ling Goh / 2021

in 14(1) Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association Journal 139, 2021

To what extent does the Paralympic Games promote the integration of disabled persons into society?

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

International Sports Law Journal 36 (DOI 10.1007/s40318-020-00164-w), 2020

Promoting safe sports in Singapore: education, due diligence and disciplinary processes

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

in LawInSport, 19 June 2020

The opportunities & challenges facing an emerging sports law jurisdiction

Chui Ling Goh / 2020

in LawInSport, 28 May 2020

Investigation and Legal Report on Players’ Health and Safety

Chui Ling Goh, John Didulica / 2019

(Lightning Events), Professional Football Australia, 2019, (authors: Chui Ling Goh and John Didulica)